Off Season Guide for Basketball






1.   I will eat the right foods in four meals per day and will regularly take vitamins and supplements so I can gain 15 pounds.


2.   I will participate in weight training and conditioning workouts three times per week. I will not miss a single one. I will accelerate this training during August, September and during the first couple of weeks in October. I will increase my vertical by six inches by the middle of October.


3.   I will work on my ball handling and passing skills for at least 20 minutes per day, Monday through Saturday until October. I will not miss a day, even when I have a spring/summer league games.


4.   I will shoot at least 500 shots per day Monday through Friday until October. At least 250 of those shots will be off the dribble or specific moves. I will not miss a day, even when I have spring/summer league games.


5.   I will not miss any spring/summer league games.


6.   I will play in at least one playground or pick-up game per week against better players than I am.


7.   I will become a student of the game by being a leader on the floor during summer league games and always will try to outguess the opposition.



Ÿ  Write down your goals and post it on a wall or door where you have to look at it everyday.