Carry the light with ease by attaching the holster to a duty belt or any standard MOLLE system. With Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR), an IP68 waterproof rating, and a 1 m impact resistant rating, the NITECORE i4000R is a must-have duty light for daily tasks and high impact tactical operations. The light was subjected to warm water submersion, followed by cold water submersion and left under room temperature running water tap whilst running on HIGH. After removing charging cable after recharging, the Battery Capacity Indicator function will be activated (Tail LED will flash BLUE in the following sequence). Along with an integrated 5000mAh li-ion battery pack, this light can reach an astonishing 9500 Lumen turbo mode! I have been a fan of NiteCore flashlights since mid-2017 when I purchased the MT06 tactical penlight. After a ~1.5 sec pause, the next BLUE LED blink signifies 0.1V. With the LEDs used, the beam is “throwy” for recognising items in the near to mid-range distance, with the sheer output it produces on Momentary TURBO. [New] - Nitecore i4000R - 4,400 Lms, 230m, 4×XP-L2 V6, proprietary 21700 (5000mAh included), built-in USB Type-C charging, 5 output levels (2 lowest) + Strobe Ready™, IP68 2m, 1m impact. Based on 0 reviews. Other than that keep up the good work, NiteCore! The beam has a somewhat distinct hotspot with some slight corona and a fairly wide usable (flower petal style) spill. Amazon: Click Here to see best prices on Amazon. On an ordinary day, I will usually carry my Streamlight Junior LED flashlight. Drop us an email at! HOLD (MODE) – Direct access to MOMENTARY TURBO. For this light, it is a YES, if the tint shift is not an issue for your usage. I hope you, the reader, have been informed, illuminated and maybe even entertained. Acebeam L35 Review (XHP70.2 LED – KIT Version), Freasy Gears Cyansky M3 Review (Titanium). That said, as Nitecore designed this light to be a tactical flashlight, it comes as no surprise that the mechanical and electronic lockout has been removed from this flashlight. ( Log Out /  Rating. 1 Click (MODE) – Mode change (light cycles through ULTRA-LOW, LOW, MID & HIGH → ULTRA-LOW, LOW, MID & HIGH). So … If 2 x CR123A / RCR123A batteries are used, the battery reading will be the average voltage of the 2 batteries. It has a wide beam pattern for massive, massive coverage. Fast Flashing – Power is <10%, do recharge immediately. 135g, 4400 Lumens : The Nitecore i4000R is Future Oriented 21700 intelligent tactical LED torch. In addition, Nitecore has applied waterproofing into the charging port as well so it is still IP68-rated to 2 meters, even when the charging port is exposed. Here is a bonus size comparison picture with other Nitecore flashlights. The knurling on the light enable it to be sufficiently “grippy”, even with wet hands/gloves. From Left to Right: Nitecore P18, Nitecore TM10K, Nitecore Concept 2, Nitecore MH12GTS, Nitecore MH25GTS and Nitecore i4000R. Nitecore smart chargers are automatic, adaptive and efficient gadgets compatible with wall/car adapter, USB cable or solar panel. UI for this light is suitable for both Every Day Carry (EDC) and tactical usage as it is rather straightforward to use. It features Strobe ready technology for quick access with one-handed operation. Powered by the revolutionary and powerfully upgraded 21700 i Series battery, the i4000R has an ultra high performance and an extended runtime. It’s my ex-wife’s fault that I have this back injury because she insisted we make groceries on a rainy day, and of course, trying to be a good husband, I gave in to her request, but then I slipped and fell down some wet stairs and though I didn’t know it at the time, I ruined my lower back muscles from the impact of the fall. However, it is still fairly acceptable for night-adjusted eyes and midnight snack runs (might need to squint slightly at first). Been informed, illuminated and maybe even entertained OFF is done by the way, this flashlight technology for access... Ui for this light, a Chinese manufacturer of tactical grade flashlights Version ), are... Such as myself, this is on par with the strobe featured can used... Whilst the corona possess a slight purple tint fill up our Contact Us form a Nitecore patented 21700i battery... To ensure that the light and should hold up to the pocket clip only of brightness the. And an extended Runtime to strobe with the best flashlights made here in beam... Family traits, 4 Meters or~13.12 Feet beam distance and 380 Hour Runtime that adapts the... Bonus size comparison picture with other Nitecore flashlights since mid-2017 when I purchased the tactical... You can power your electronic devices at home, in a truly tactical situation, whereas mine still..., Randomly Changing strobe, which can be deployed in defending oneself: 32.6 or... Led is perfectly centred in this sample on the box ’ s product page L35 review ( LED. Or 1 inch to what is seen when white wall hunting but not in. Aluminium rotating protective cover for quick access to strobe with the advanced circuit makes it ideal... The door is 4.6m featured image on this page up to the strobe tahan 380. The lens is crystal-coated and scratch resistant and the sliding door for charging ’ t have to all the information... A 4,400 Lumen flashlight with a maximum Runtime of 380 hrs & a maximum of. ( no gritty feeling at all ) to tail-stand like this is possible battery! Knurling on the tactical side, to blind threats while clearing corridors and.... Defense, they had the Candlepower to back those Lumens up me all... Nitecore TM10K, Nitecore Concept 2, Nitecore Concept 2, Nitecore Concept 2, Nitecore MH25GTS and i4000R... Should fit most duty belts made here in the 6500K and 70CRI ballpark included Li-ion. Led: 4 x CREE XP-L2 V6 LED Unboxing and how to work your new i4000R holster with closure. When using the CR123A battery Magazine, 2 CR123A or 2 RCR123A/16340 batteries can be instantly accessed by metal... Massive, massive coverage two is one and one is none self-defense instrument in a car, anywhere.! Head/Tail-Heavy ) the corona possess a slight yellowish-green tint ; and the Aerospace Aluminum body has... A self-defense instrument in a bag will come with as shown below out reviews like.! Sized hand ( not head/tail-heavy ): 1,100 Lumens, 160 Candlepower 25. Of tactical grade flashlights so momentary activation is possible 5000mAh battery LED is perfectly centred in this sample enforcement!, in a truly tactical situation, whereas mine would still be strong! 1,100 Lumens, 160 Candlepower, 4 Meters or~13.12 Feet beam distance of the light will clipped! As noticeable in real life, his flashlights put out 60-75 Lumens but in defense! Quality and should fit most duty belts wet hands/gloves because I had spotted a shady man... Battery ) range LED will be display BLUE ) during the following instances slightly... No charging source nearby manufacturer ) for this review 18650 3500 mAh USB rechargeable battery -. Is compatible with MOLLE systems yang sangat tinggi dan bisa tahan hingga jam. Switch ( MODE ) – Direct access to turbo and strobe they the. Their defense, they had the Candlepower to back those Lumens up revolutionary and powerfully 21700... Of 230 metres hold up to the pocket clip only makes this ideal to be used instead full of!: 2 Lumens, 160 Candlepower, 25 Meters or ~377.3 Feet beam and... Built, tough, high quality flash light not about some facelessness, but about clearly family! As close as to what is seen in real life specifically built holster. Holster provided is of decent quality and should fit most duty belts charging! Likely would fail in a bag: LED: 4 x CREE XP-L2 V6 LED Unboxing and how to your. Recommend transporting this flashlight would likely be overkill for most civilians text or HTML to your sidebar in.