r/teenagers is the biggest community forum run by teenagers for teenagers. I just saw this ad on television and decided to share it with you guys.Want this as your ring tone? Last Updated: 27th January, 2020 19:21 IST 'Chernobyl's New Evolution': Giant Mosquito Photographed In Argentina Causes Panic A photo of a giant mosquito found at a home in Argentina has been compared to something straight out of Jumanji. " E " is a meme that have breaked the internet currently, it's a meme with the letter " E " and a deep fryed image of Markiplier's face combined with Lord Farquaad's head. //art// https://twitter.com/DaymanDraws//soundcloud// https://soundcloud.com/daymanoursavior//twitter// https://twitter.com/daymanoursavior//instagram// … The drama of Lord of the Rings has always lent itself well to dank memery, and we're happy to report that this format featuring the villainous Saruman is making a bit of a comeback on Reddit. dopl3r has all the entertainment with all kinds of Memes, Gifs and graphical jokes A funny website exists,too www.loco-loco**** Stonks is an intentional misspelling of the word "stocks" which is often associated with a surreal meme featuring the character Meme Man standing in front of a picture representing the stock market followed by the caption "Stonks." In this version of the classic CatJam green screen meme, the white cat vibes to the song Ievan Polkka which a Turkish street drummer is playing on a musical instrument called a Darbuka. Use this template to add your own text to the meme, then bob your head to the music with the cat to soak in the good vibes. Dec 29, 2016 - Explore DC Mosquito Squad's board "Mosquito Quotes & Humor", followed by 150 people on Pinterest. mosquito music it do be vibing tho. The song is called "Mosquito". The picture began seeing use as a reaction image online in jokes about making poor financial decisions. My little daughter loves this video. A very funny summer song from the act "Loco Loco". See more ideas about mosquito, humor, bones funny. The meaning of " E " is unknown, but we have some guesses. Exo Memes Kdrama Memes Exo Fan Exo Ot12 Korean Music Pop Group Chanyeol Shinee Super Junior How to kill a mosquito the exo way :D #exo #kpop Dengue Fever Favorite Words Swat Food For Thought Thinking Of You Haha Two By Two Comedy Funny Pictures The scene being used is from The Fellowship Of The Ring, a moment in which Saruman offers Gandalf a choice between joining him or dying.Gandalf refuses to help Saruman, who remarks "So you have chosen death."